Wednesday, 14 August 2013

♡Salvador Dali Exhibition♡

Again, sorry for the delay in posting! I was going to post this when I was still overseas but I didn't have any time and then once I landed back in Sydney I was straight back into Uni and work.
So as I'm sure you know I had been travelling for five weeks and one of the places I visited was Berlin for a couple of nights.
During high school I did Modern History, where I had a German teacher who taught us about Germany during the Second World War so it has always been a place of interest to me as I've heard a lot about it. We weren't in Berlin for very long, a total of three days but I know I will definitely be back as it is such a beautiful city - people are so kind, it has so much history and a really cool alternative scene.
One of the most memorable things for me was the Salvador Dali exhibition.
I went to a selective visual arts and design high school as I was always a creative kid and was pretty good with a pencil and paint brush but after my last year of high school where we had to create a piece of art that suited the education departments opinion of a 'successful artwork' I lost all inspiration and motivation to create anything, which is terrible because my creativity is something really important to me.
I was only able to spend an hour in the exhibition, when I could easily have spent six hours or more, because we had a lot to do in the day.
Salvador Dali is mainly known for his surrealism, especially the melting clocks and the exaggerated camels that are in his work but this exhibition really opened my eyes as to how broadly talented this man was! It really inspired me to crack open my art boxes which makes me extremely happy. Here are some of my favourite pieces I saw:
☆ These first two are designs for theatre costumes that he was asked to create. In this set of costumes he used butterflies as a motif to symbolise growth and rebirth ☆ 
☆ This here is one of the many statues that he fashioned☆ 
☆ This cartoon below is a part of a series that he did which was apparently very scandalous at the time as they were seen as very vulgar pieces as each work had something that was seen as vulgar 'hidden' within them☆ 
☆ These works are a part of an Alice in Wonderland series he did and are my favourites. He, as many artists, loved the abstract and almost psychedelic series. Dali would read the books to the daughter of a friend which inspired him to create a series where he played with the colours from Alice in Wonderland but explored darker concepts. A new edition of the book was also released and who better to provide the illustrations for a surrealist fable than Dali himself?☆ 
None of these photos have filters or anything like that because, come on, as if they need them!
Every piece was absolutely amazing, I know that I will definitely go back one day soon so that I can go through the exhibition at a much slower pace. I seriously recommend it!

I promise guys that my next post will be up in the next couple of days, maybe even tomorrow, I am still trying to get into a normal routine which is taking longer than I anticipated!
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