Wednesday, 29 May 2013

♡Final Skinny Me Tea Review♡

Hi guys! Ok, so, I know it was a little while ago that I completed the Skinny Me Tea but I thought I'd type up my final review of the product. Again, I wasn't trying the tea to necessarily lose weight but to hopefully feel better, to ecourage myself to be healthier, to hopefully be more toned and I've always been curious to try a teatox. The fact that I thought I'd lose a couple  of kilos was a welcome bonus. Following the SMT instagram and seeing people's transformation photos and finding out that my friends were ordering it gave me the final push to order some with them.

Half way through the tea I also decided to do some research because I wasn't feeling 'energised' after drinking the tea, if anything I was feeling sluggish. It turns out that the tea actually restricts the amount of nutrients your body consumes during the day and then gets rid of the remaining nutrients from your body through the use of the diuretic, which my body found especially intense as it gave me really bad cramps and really hurt my stomach. I knew straight away that if the tea was resulting in me having this pain then it couldn't be good for me. My body also felt drained and weak, especially the days after having the night tea. I do have to admit that some mornings the tea made me feel better if I'd had a big night as it was cleaning out the gunk (for lack of a better word) but majority of the time this wasn't the case.

I did lose a couple of kilos to begin with but then I gained it all again which was the same case with my two friends, this is simply put down to water weight. Besides, it is definitely NOT healthy to lose weight quickly, the healthiest and most effective way is to lose weight gradually over time.

It turns out that the colon cleanse actually strips your body of the fluids it needs which means you will be left feeling dehydrated and the morning tea will leave you feeling flat, which it did to me and is the opposite of what the website promises. The laxative tea temporarily removes excess water weight from your body and also empties out your intestines which creates the look of a “flat stomach”.

Yes, there were days when I felt 'healthy' but I think this is simply because the tea has a bit of a placebo effect. The best way to be healthy and to lose weight while keeping it off is to eat the foods your body needs and to make sure you look after yourself. You also need to be realistic, it can't happen overnight. Something that supposedly gives you an ideal body in such a short amount of time is almost definitely something that will not last. At the end of the day your best bet is to listen to your body and what it needs and look after yourself! Life is too short to get caught up in fads like this that promise you the 'ideal body', your body is beautiful anyway!

If you choose to try the tea this is your decision and it's perfectly ok to experiment with it yourself to see what it's like but I thought I'd let you know what the experience was like for me. I'm definitely going to stick to my herbal teas :-)

~ EDIT: I also just want to add that I have a friend that did the tea and had amazing results but this is because she actually had more weight to lose, she followed a healthy diet and did lots of exercise which was different to her lifestyle previously. She believes that her weight loss isn't necessarily due to the tea but in fact the changes she made.


Monday, 27 May 2013


I'm sorry guys for being MIA for a while! I'm not sure how many people actually read this but I have been completely snowed under with uni work, work and trying to catch up with those important people in my life.
Through being so busy though my health was not as good as it could have been which really affected my day to day plans and assignments that I had due so I though that this post would be about looking after yourself and not running yourself to the ground! After all, this is you we are talking about, you deserve to be healthy and looked after.

  1. Something that is extremely important, especially regarding health is SLEEP! I definitely never get enough and I think that is one of the main reasons why I get sick - sometimes I will go out at night, get home late and then have an 8 hour shift the next day on 5 hours sleep which is absolutely ridiculous! I don't recommend it at all and has resulted in me getting really ill, so I am trying to improve this.
  2. Another point which is a fairly obvious one is to eat healthy. Proper nutrition will make your body stronger and help keep your immune system in good shape and make sure you drink enough water. At the end of the day I think people should just eat what they want when they want to but just make sure you're looking after yourself and your health as you do so.
  3. Don't abuse alcohol. Having a night out is great, even a couple of nights out are good too (which I am definitely guilty of) but at the same time make sure you listen to your body and save the extremely wild nights out to ever so often.

Now obviously there are times you cannot help but get sick so I have compiled a list here of the best things to do to look after yourself when your body is trying to repair itself :-)
  1. Again, drink lots of fluids. You need to stay hydrated in order for your body to fight off sickness and infections. Even if your stomach is upset, drink small amounts of fluids all day long.
  2. Stay in bed and keep calm and quiet. Use the strength your body has to fight the illness, rather than waste it trying to do laundry or go to work when you're sick.
  3. Treat your symptoms. I've found that boiling water and then putting in lemon, garlic and a sweetener such as honey or maple syrup really helps, especially if you have a sore throat. Use pain relievers to relax sore, aching muscles and use over the counter cold remedies to treat coughs or sinus issues if homemade remedies aren't helping.
  4. Take a shower under hot or warm water to help promote drainage and ease the stiffness and soreness that often accompanies illness. If you're too sick to stand in the shower then a bath works well too.
  5. Make sure you feed your body as it needs fuel to be able to recuperate. If you're finding it difficult to eat then try eat small meals across the day. Toast and soup can really help, especially if the thought of food is making you sick.
  6. Also remember to take frequent naps. Sleep is the best way for your body to heal. Turn off the television and turn off the telephone. You'll feel better after a nap.
I hope this helps those of you that can feel something coming on or are sick at the moment!

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