Friday, 19 July 2013

♡What To Pack When Travelling♡

  As promised, here is a post on what to pack when travelling! Being in my fourth week of backpacking with two of my friends I can now confidently say I know what the necessities are and what just takes up unnecessary space.
I thought I'd also let you know that I am typing this as I take the train from Utrecht (a city in the Netherlands), where we spent a day relaxing at my friends Auntie's house, which was needed after spending weeks in hostels and having spent the night on a 10 hour bus trip, to Amsterdam.

What you need to pack obviously depends on where you're going and what the weather is like but the main things that are needed are:
•Passport (if you're leaving the country)
•Photo ID eg. Drivers licence
•Debit/credit card
  •Travel Insurance
•A phone
  If that's all you take somewhere you will be able to survive, maybe not comfortably but when it comes down to it they're what you definitely need.

The things that you need to take to make things easier and a bit more comfortable are:
•A towel, I suggest a micro towel as they take up less space and dry a lot quicker
  •A bed sheet - you can buy bed sheets that are sewn on the side and at the end so when you lie in it you are completely consumed by it. These are good for if you stay somewhere were the beds are questionable
•A couple of good changes of shoes, especially if you do a lot of walking. I had a pair of shoes that I loved but broke half way through the trip and resulted in me falling over numerous times... Which wasn't fun
•A first aid kit - I didn't think I'd need one so didn't take one but through this trip I have suffered a variety of burns, bruises, swollen ankles etc and have needed to buy a multitude of things as I go
•Changes of underwear, obviously you want to be as hygienic as you can but don't overdo it as you can wash as you go
•Last, but not least, deodorant!!! With all the walking and moving I assume you'll be doing you need to ensure that people aren't deterred by your smell. You want to be as pleasant as possible so I suggest carrying it around with you if you intend on going on long walks.

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post, I've typed it up on my phone as I took full advantage of the free wifi on the train.
My next post will be about the Salvador Dali exhibition I saw in Berlin. Hopefully it won't be too long until I post it. 


♡Liebster Award♡

Sorry guys to be MIA but as my previous post explains I am currently overseas but I have now got temporary access to a computer!! The lovely Kianna from xvanillaxberryx has tagged me for a Liebster Award, thank you!
I also thought that in my next post I would include the best things to take with you when you travel as I have been backpacking for the last three weeks with two more weeks to go.
So far I have been to London, The Greek Islands Santorini, Ios and Mykonos, Rome, Prague (which is where I am now) and I leave for Berlin tomorrow, shortly followed by Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. Weeee!
First things first, the questions that Kianna has left for the Liebster Award:
1.What's your favorite type of food?
Japanese! It's everywhere back home in Sydney but it's surprisingly difficult to find over here so I miss it.
 2.Why did you start blogging?
I used to have a blog a couple of years ago but stopped and I decided that when I began my journalism degree to start it up again, this time taking it a bit more seriously.
 3.What would you call your fashion style?
It's a mixture of things really but I would call it mainly boho/bohemian.
 4. If you could have any superpowers that you wanted, what would you choose and why!
I was actually talking about this with my friends the other day and I have decided I would love to be able to understand, read, write and be fluent in every language in the world.
 5. What is your guilty pleasure?
Being lazy haha. I love having chill out days after I've been busy where I can download lots of movies and tv shows and just lay in bed blogging, watching and eating.
 6. Do you like being in front of the camera or behind it taking the pictures?
A bit of both but I hope to be in front of the camera for my career :)
 7. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Planning overseas trips, catching up on world news, watching shows, shopping, going out, hanging out with my friends... anything really.
 8. What is your favorite movie?
Moulin Rouge :)
 9. Have you dyed your hair before?
Yeah, a few times actually. I had bright red hair for three years!
 10. What is your favorite item that you own?
This is really hard! I have so many possessions that mean a lot to me... one of them would have to be all of m photographs.
 11. If you were a character in a book or a movie, who would you be and why!
I'm not very good with these questions... I might have to get back to you on that one haha.
Anyway, sorry this post wasn't too informative but the next one will be a lot more insightful, I promise! It should be up in the next couple of days so stay tuned.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Hiya guys! Sorry for the late post but I'm overseas at the moment and I have been having an absolutely amazing time. Travelling is one of my favourite things to do in the world and this is the first time that I have done it without teachers or parents. It has been so bitter sweet. We started off in England and this place has always felt like home because I have been coming here since I was little to visit family.
My friend and I started in this place in London called Shoreditch which we absolutely love and are thinking about moving to after university, of course this might not happen as you can never really know what life will throw at you but it's something we would love to do at the moment.
The hostel we stayed at was called The Dictionary and it was absolutely amazing. The people that worked there were so lovely, the breakfast was delicious and the room we stayed in was great but obviously it depends on the room that you book. We were also super lucky with the people that we shared a room with, one was a girl from America who is lovely and we've become good friends with, there were two boys who it turned out actually live in the neighbouring suburb to me and my friend which is insane and there were a few other boys in the group and they were all 25-26. The bar next door is called Translate, it isn't a part of the hostel but you can walk through the hostel into the bar and they give you discounts if you are staying at the hostel.
We spent our first couple of days doing a lot of the touristy things because I've never had the opportunity to do that with family. Here are some of the photos from the heart of London:
That last photo was the view from our place in Shoreditch. So far I have met amazing people and am having the time of my life! I don't want to bombard you guys with photos (I've been away for a week and a half and already have 600+ photos). I've tried to pick a couple of my favourites and the photos that sum up the trip so far the most.
After Shoreditch we stayed at a hostel in Camden, literally a minute away from the markets! The hostel is called St. Christoper's and is above a pub called Belushi's. The bar staff were incredibly friendly, which made up for the fact that the people in my room were not very nice. The markets are absolutely amazing and you have to visit them at least once in your life, here are a couple of photos:
At the moment I'm in Epsom, where my dad grew up and where my Grandma lives - my home away from home. It's hard for me to access wifi on this trip but I wanted to be able to share some of my trip while I could. I hope you're all well.
Lots of love,
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