Tuesday, 20 August 2013

♡Wantable Beauty Box - Review Part One♡

I'm sick at the moment and don't have much energy so I am so sorry for the lack of posts! I thought I would make it up to you by filling you in on something I bought recently.
I read a review over at junniku about a beauty subscription box from this company called wantable and straight away I was eager to try it out!

So going on the site you choose either an accessories box or a make up box which is then followed by a quizz where they try to determine your style, which I thought was so much fun! I love filling out questions like that so I really enjoyed it.
Here's an example of what the questions are:
Make up -
Accessories -
So going through the survey you say whether you like, dislike or whether you're simply in the middle in regards to how much you like something and they will tailor the box to your taste.
You can then subscribe for $36 every month or buy a single box for $40. The subscriptions are shipped automatically each month and you can also skip boxes or cancel the subscription whenever you want.
It's a bit more expensive than other beauty boxes but from what I can see others don't offer as thorough a quizz, some don't even offer it at all and a lot of them give sample sized beauty products and don't offer an accessory box option.
The box is also valued $80-$100 so that combined with the excitement of getting a surprise in the mail is worth the money in my opinion.
Unfortunately they only ship to America, Canada and Australia at this stage.
I ordered a box the other day which is an order for a September box and they said that it should arrive a month after my order, which is the 20th of September.
I'm actually really excited to get my accessories box! When I get it I'll show you all my products and write up the second part to this review.

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