Monday, 15 April 2013

♡Vanessa's Coachella Fashion♡

I thought I would write my first post about someone's fashion that I absolutely admire and some people find this choice surprising. It is in fact, Vanessa Hudgens, I just love her boho chic style. Coachella just recently finished; for those of you who may not be aware it is a music festival in America and this was the amazing line up:

I thought I would break down her outfits, every single one is an absolute charm.

☯First oufit:

Vanessa started off Coachella with a bang! This stunning figure hugging floral maxi dress complimented her body perfectly. The actress, wearing Blu Moon‘s Rambling Rose Dress, wrote on her way to the festival on twitter, “Finally the day has come to go to Coachella. Free once again. So excited for the live music, the sun, the energy, and did I mention the live music ;)? There are so many amazing acts, but here’s a playlist of some of the artists I’m MOST excited to see this weekend!!”
She uploaded this photo on her instagram and captioned:
 "Fashion shot!!! First day of Coachella down!!! Such an amazing day. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blur made my day. So much fun. Very grateful to have amazing friends to share this experience with."
She is also not the one to forget details, also uploading this picture to instagram:
I'm not always a fan of 'bling' but I absolutely love these nails!

☯Second outfit:

This has got to be one of my favourite outfits, it is so simple yet so detailed. She was perfectly accesorised with a black studded bag and she stacked on the jewellery. The shorts and white bandeau top contrasted against her dark complexion and features. She looked amazing with her henna tattoos, bindis, John Lennon sunnies and flowers in her gorgeous curly locks.

Not only was I jealous of the fact that she was able to go but I was jealous of her outfits too! She was definitely in her boho element as she embraced the flower power spirit.
If you want to replicate the oufit I have come across a couple of options:

☯Third outfit:

Her toned body is perfectly showcased in a Chan Luu crystal top, a thigh-revealing tie-dye maxi skirt and bejeweled sandals. She covered her hair with a matching tie-dye hood and this ensemble was finished off with an obvious accessory - she was seen twirling the giant flower like a parasol throughout the day.Iabsolutely love the top which contrasts well against the soft tie-dye.

All in all I think Vanessa was absolutely stunning at the three day festival, her outfit choices are absolutely impeccable. If only I had that wardrobe!

Thanks for reading guys, tune in in the next couple of days as I am going to write up a review of the Skinny Me Tea detox which I am in the middle of.


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