Monday, 9 December 2013

♡Christmas Presents for the Men in Your Life♡

Sometimes it can be extra hard buying gifts for the men in our lives, especially when they tell you that they don't want anything at all *eh hem dad this is directed at you*.
Here are just some ideas to get the creative juices flowing when it comes to present buying and of course these presents aren't gender specific. Good luck!

1. ASOS Laptop Case with Straps for those whose main companion is their trusty laptop. Perfect for those men who take their laptops on coffee dates.

2. New Look Dragon Claw Slippers are great for those warmer months, not only are they practical but they're also really cute!... Or should I say really cool.

3. Do you have a  man in your life who thinks he knows everything? Surprise him with the Mensa Genius Test

4. Han Solo Frozen Iphone Case for any of those Star Wars lovers in your life.

5. The Endless Edges Brownie Pan is perhaps one of the greatest things ever invented. Whatever will people come up with next?! Seriously, the thought of a batch of brownies that all have delicious edges is exciting. I'm sure any man in your life will think the same thing.

6. The Viewable Root Garden is really cool, it's a unique way to display whatever produce someone chooses to grow - it's great for anyone out there with a green thumb!

7. Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers - music lovers will love you for this one and will definitely be impressed. One of the best sounds is music playing from a record, you could possibly buy them a few records to go with it.

8. Does it take a lot of effort to get a man in your life up in the morning? The Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock makes that task a little more exciting.


  1. I bought my brother Dinosaur slippers a year ago and he loves them! He actually still wears them to this day. Thank you for sharing this! :3 xo

  2. Omg I would really like a record player.

    Just wanted to let all my followers know that my URL has changed from to so you will have to follow me again if you want to see my posts on google reader! Alternatively, you can follow me on bloglovin' :)

  3. the best men gift ideas I saw on the internet! love the alarm clock, so funny


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