Thursday, 5 December 2013

♡Christmas Gifts Under $25♡

First things first, I just found out that I passed my first year of uni!! I was so worried that I was going to fail a subject or two so my brother ever so kindly read my email to tell me the news. I am so relieved!

Now onto the good stuff, Christmas gifts ideas from ASOS for those lovely women in your life!

1. What do you get the friend who has everything and a great sense of humour? The book Awkward Family Pet Photos. The title is pretty much self explanatory. ~ $22.85

2. I absolutely love tattoos, I find them incredibly interesting and beautiful when done correctly. Does a women in your life need inspiration? The Painted Lady Book is perfect for them. ~ $19.03

3. Lanterns are a fun way to decorate and the Paisley Park Paper Lampshade's are so lovely! So are the Pink Spot Lampshade's and the Blue Spot Lampshade's! ~ $9.52

4. Got a writer on your hands? Well here's a beautiful StudioSarah Medium Desktop Notebook for them to scribble away in. ~ $20.95

5. I absolutely love the colours on this Tender Love & Carry ASOS Exclusive Rainbow Cloud Make Up Bag! I'm sure a woman in your life would too. ~ $22.85

6. I am a bit obsessed with candles, I think smell is a very important part of creating a certain setting and a Patisserie De Bain Winter Wonderland Scented Candle would help do just that. The scent is even inspired by Christmas! Very festive.~ $22.85

7. Looking for something both cute and useful? How about a Metallic Owl Lip Balm Duo? They're perfect to slip in the handbag and every time your friend uses them they'll think of you. ~$13.33

8. If there's a traveller in your life how about helping them look a little bit more stylish with this ASOS Passport Holder In Crackle Metallic. What's even better about this gift is that it isn't real leather so no animals were hurt in its creation! ~ $15.24

9. Wanting to buy something to add to your friends collection of things for the kitchen? Then here's an incredibly adorable Baking Mould Heart Milk Chocolate. ~ $11.43

10. Last, but not least, a nourishing Pixi Icy Eye Palette for those little pixies in your life who love to experiment with their make up. ~ $20.95

Good luck Christmas present shopping!


  1. I love the chocolate moulds!! Too cute weeeeee! I have a friend who would love the passport holder too, thank you :-)

  2. These are such cute ideas! I especially like the lanterns; they're so pretty! ^o^


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