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♡Wantable Beauty Box - Review Part Two♡

Hi again guys! Welcome to October, my favourite month! So as promised today I am going to show you guys what I received from the Wantable Accessories box that I ordered last month.
Their communication was really good, they emailed me when they were shipping it as they ship the boxes at a particular time of the month and gave me a link so that I could track it. I received the box a lot sooner than I expected, after they sent me the email telling me that it was on its way I received the box in a weeks time.
Here is what the box looked like:
It was a lot smaller and a lot lighter than I expected.

I thought that the message on the side was really cute, sorry about my terrible nails!
Everything was protected really well inside, as it was all stored between two big pieces of storage foam and each piece of jewellery was individually stored. It also came with a sheet of paper with the details of my purchase. On it it said what my preferences were when I did the quiz when ordering my products and a reminder that I will never receive products that I have put into the dislike category. It also had the following message:
This month our boxes are packed to the brim with style! You'll find edgy metallics in the form of watches, architectural cuffs, chic rings, and trendy earrings. Stunning jewel tones are paired with vintage-inspired designs in drop-earrings, statement necklaces, and bold bracelets. We've also combined whimsical pieces with chic styling for unique pieces that you'll love to add to your collection. Everyone's unique so try combining pieces for a look all your own: pair necklaces of different lengths ad don't be afraid to mix metals and colours. Pile on a mix of modern and vintage-inspired pieces for a nod to the past while still looking perfectly on trend.

Here is what I received:
Kendyl Earrings
Retail Price - $28
"The Kendyl Earrings are certainly not for the faint of heart! These dramatic drop earrings feature three tiers of silvery, featherlike details. Style tip: These beauties will definitely make a statement. To tone them down , wear your hair down and complement them with a bold red lip."
These are my favourite piece that I received! I've already worn them a kazillion times and am just in love with them. I love dramatic earrings and these are definitely my style so I am really happy with these.
Gelsey Necklace
Retail Price - $28
"The Gelsey is a delicate mixed metal necklace that will give you the perfect unique look! Style tip: Wear this neutral toned necklace with a bold blouse for a great colour combo!"
I've got to admit that I haven't actually worn this yet. I like the necklace as I think it's extremely unique and interesting but I haven't really worn anything as of yet that I think would complement the necklace but I am really eager to try it out! It's not 100% my style but hey, I am definitely willing to give it a go.
 Johnnie Bracelet - Gold
Retail Price - $24
"The Johnnie Bracelet has fun bicycle chain links! Style Tip: Perfect for layering!"
When I pulled this out of the box I have to say I was a bit disappointed, just because I am not always the biggest fan of gold but then after a little while it grew on me. It is definitely a unique piece of jewellery and I think that the links are really cool. I have really skinny wrists so it's hard for me to wear bracelets sometimes so I will definitely be layering this one.
So that's everything I received! I think I will try ordering the box again one day but next time I will try out the make up box. This was definitely lots of fun to do as I was interested as to see what they would put together for me and considering the retail prices of the jewellery it was worth the money. This idea is definitely fun to do ever so often but personally I wouldn't subscribe for once a month as I would prefer to have more control over the jewellery purchases I make on a regular basis.
What do you guys think of the pieces?
Review part one can be read here: Wantable Review Part One

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My next post will be cheap and easy ways to redecorate your room, see ya then!


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  1. I really like those earrings, they're definitely my style. Thank you so much for your comment, as well <3 it means a lot. Life be crazy, you know? haha. xoxoxxo


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