Thursday, 19 September 2013

♡Birthday Wishlist♡

Hey guys! So it's my birthday in two and a half weeks so I thought I would share with you guys just what is on my wish list at the moment. Who knows, maybe it will help you make decisions on purchases you're trying to make yourself, I thought it would be fun!

Right now I'm really wanting quite a few different MAC lipsticks but these are the ones I managed to limit it to:
I also have my eyes on these shades too:
What do you think of these shades? I'd love to hear about any colours that you wear or are interested in! Also, I'm trying to decide whether Rebel and Hang-Up are too similar in shade or not, what do you think and which do you prefer?
I'm also loving the look of the Real Techniques brushes at the moment, I just can't choose which set I need more between the core collection for the base eg foundation and concealer or the starter set for your eyes:
Next is something that I've wanted ever since I was a little girl, a Polaroid Camera! These days you can get different colours as well, such as purple, pastel pink and pastel blue.

Something else I have wanted for a long time is a summer robe and Victoria's Secret have a great selection at the moment, the only issue is that I can't decide on which colour I prefer the most! Which one do you guys like the most out of these colours? Sorry for the pixelation in some of the images.

Iconic Pink Stripe

So they're the main things that I am looking at at the moment, as you can see I'm feeling very girly! I feel like spoiling myself this year because I never really make a big deal about my birthday. You can probably also tell that I'm quite indecisive haha.  What do you guys think? Is there anything you've got your eye on at the moment?

Also, I received my Wantable box in the mail the other day so as promised I will write a review on that in the next couple of days.



  1. I love the orchid bouquet robe best :) nice wishlist! Happy early birthday ;)

  2. I luv creme in your coffee and the orchid bouquet robe! xx

  3. great wishlist, must say. love the mac lipsticks!


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