Friday, 21 June 2013

♡My Tattoo♡

Heya guys! So as promised this post is about my tattoo! I am writing this post a couple of days later then I would have liked as I got the tattoo on Wednesday but I am writing it today, Friday. I've just been so busy procrastinating, studying and sitting exams.
So I have been fascinated by tattoos for pretty much most of my life. I remember driving past a tattoo parlour when I was younger with my dad and being so intrigued by this building that had colourful art graffiti at the front so I asked him what it was. Once he explained to me what the place was and what a tattoo is I have been so interested by them. I remember when I was eight years old and visiting my family in England for six weeks over Christmas one of my Auntie's and my Uncle bought me a temporary tattoo set, but these once lasted longer than your everyday run-of-the-mill tattoos. I straight away picked out a large rose tattoo and put it on my cheek haha and it lasted the whole six weeks. I was so in love with it and would receive so many compliments on it as I walked around - it made me such a happy little girl!
Anyway, on to the real tattoo.
I have wanted a tattoo for a long time now and I came up with the idea of a lotus flower about a year and a half ago. My reasoning behind it was the fact that the lotus flower starts as a small flower down at the bottom of a pond in the mud, muck and murky water and it slowly grows up towards the waters surface continually moving towards the light. Once it come to the surface of the water the lotus flower begins to blossom and turn into a beautiful flower. A couple of years ago I was at a fairly dark point in my life that I was mostly internally struggling. Slowly and surely, I have managed to come out of that and be who I am today, so the lotus flower also represents the fact that I have gone through a fairly difficult time but have worked hard to turn that around.
Since the tattoo means quite a lot to me I wanted to design it myself because it is so special. This was the design that I went to the tattooist with:
I had been to this tattoo parlour once before with some of my friends when they were getting tattoos so I already knew that they were good, trustworthy, helpful, they are also really respected in the industry and super super nice and friendly.
I knew the design was too detailed for the size that I wanted so the tattooist helped simplify it so that it wouldn't become a big splodge of ink over time. He also suggested that we add some shading to keep it interesting.
The process actually didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, but I always imagine the worst. Before I got it done I would ask people what it felt like and not many people would know what to compare it to. Some people described it like scratching a sunburn and others said it was like a cat scratch but to me it was no where near as painful as both of those!
It literally felt like getting a sewing needle and scraping it hard along your skin. I got it on my upper back on the spine which I thought would  be the painful part but it was actually when it went near my left shoulder blade! This is because I have always had tension in that part of my back.
I actually have quite a high pain threshold and as masochistic as it sounds, I enjoy pain so personally speaking I would say that it hurt a six out of 10.
It looks a bit larger in these pictures than it actually is in real life, the flower is roughly the size of a credit card and this isn't including the dots. This is what it looked like straight after getting it done, as you can see it's a bit red: 
For the first four to five days I have to wash it twice a day, dry it with a clean towel and put bepanthen (an antispetic) cream on it after. For the first 14 days I can not let it get burnt, I have to keep it clean, can not pick the scab that might form before going away and can not swim. This works out fine because I will be England for most of those days rugged up as I leave for Europe in four and a bit days!!! Aaahh!
After getting my tattoo done I got my hair dyed a whiteish blonde so that's why my hair looks different in the photo below haha.
All in all, I am absolutely in love with the tattoo! It's just so pretty, suits my personality and I love the positioning. If you're considering getting a tattoo I recommend putting a lot of thought into it so that you're as happy with the result as I am.
Also, I am not sure when my next post will be because as I said earlier I am leaving for Europe soon and am going for five weeks. My next post will definitely be about my trip though
Lots of love,


  1. ouch ouch ouch! but it looks amazing and completely worth the pain


  2. I absolutely love it! Love the henna look it has too it as well.
    Good job, girl!<3 looks great.


  3. Nice tattoo!! :D I totally want a tattoo too >3< hehee..
    Btw Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin :)
    Follow back

  4. Beautiful tattoo, and lovely blog! :) thanks for
    stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Imagine Lace
    Ash :)

  5. That is a gorgeous design ^_^

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  6. It looks so good! <3


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