Thursday, 13 June 2013

♡Asos Clothing Review♡

Hey guys, I'm feeling oddly inspired today, which I haven't felt for ages and I am loving it!
I went to an arts and design high school because I've always been particularly talented in those areas but after my last year of high school where I had to create an artwork that went by the education departments standards to get a good mark I haven't been inspired for a long time.
I hate the thought of art work having to fit certain criteria for it to be marked well... I hate the idea of an art work being marked full stop so I haven't been that quick to pick up a pencil or a paint brush but recently I have started to doodle.
My doodles are nothing special but I am slowly but surely working back to my creative space - a design for a tattoo has even come out of it! I plan on booking a tattoo appointment for next week and hopefully my next blog post will be about the tattoo with photos and what the experience was like.
Anyway, now to what this post is really about.
I recently ordered some clothing off asos but I'm never 100% satisfied with my purchases. Don't get me wrong, I love asos, but when it comes down to it I much prefer shopping in person because then I can get an actual feel for the product and am not surprised by anything.
So here is what I bought:
So, I absolutely love this dress, it contains all of my favourite colours and apparently has "Billie written all over it" as my friends and family have said once seeing me wear the dress. The only issue that I have with this dress is that in real life the colours are more vibrant and 'intense' for the lack of a better word, in person than any photo could capture. Every photo I tried to take of it somehow just didn't capture it's real colour.
It is also longer than expected, even when I took in the measurements. I still absolutely love it though.
Ok so, I have a couple denim jackets but they're really fitted and I have wanted a 'baggier' style jacket for a long time but this jacket is proof that I should pay more attention to a garments details before purchasing.
I still love the jacket but what I thought was 100% real denim when I took this out of the packaging I realised it wasn't and after looking back at the asos website it is "Made from a stretch-denim fabric " and the body is 75% Cotton, 24% Polyester, 1% Elastane.
That's a bit dissapointing but this jacket was in my price range and when I asked people whether it looked like a real denim jacket when I wore it they said it did, so then I decided not to tell them it wasn't haha.
Now this bikini top I am pretty much 100% satisfied with. The blue is a very complimentary colour on me as it suits my skin tone and hair colour. I don't have very big boobs and the curve of this bikini does help make it look otherwise. On the website it said it had "lightly padded cups" which were a lot more lightly padded then I was expecting but that is the only downside. I really love it.
This is the bikini bottom that I bought to wear with the bikini top and also other bikini tops that I have.
I really love mix and matching bikinis, I have never really been the one to wear a matching bikini set as I think mix and matching is more exciting, it also helps to compliment your body.
Now I am all for wearing whatever you want no matter your body type but personally I have always wanted a black bikini bottom because I am more 'bottom heavy' so wanted to wear something that was flattering, which the frills and the black are.
There were no hidden surprises with this bikini, it is exactly as I expected.
So that was just a small review on my products from asos and if you have any questions or comments please just leave a comment down below.
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  1. Thank you so much for your comment. Your blog is lovely, and Im glad you're feeling inspired lately, you should post your doodles!
    I'm following you now :)

    1. No worries gorgeous! That's a good idea actually, maybe once I'm feeling a bit more confident about them I will haha.
      Thanks so much :)

  2. these were great purchases! The bikini parts are fantastic, love the electric blue and the little frills on the bottom! and the dress is super cute!!

    1. Sorry for such a late reply, I only saw this now!
      Thanks so much, I'm pretty impressed with them too haha x

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  4. That dress is perfect ^ ^ lovin' ur blog


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