Tuesday, 4 March 2014

♡Review: Kate Moss Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 08♡

Sorry for being MIA again for those who read this! I wasn't feeling excited by my blog for a while and although I wanted to force myself to update this I want this to remain a blog that I don't feel is a chore to update. I haven't been in a big writing mood either as I start uni up again tomorrow and have been using my break to relax and unwind and detach from my degree a bit as well as partying probably more than I should. I promise that I will try to update more regularly, even if it's just a picture or a post from my polyvore which I am absolutely obsessed with by the way!

Now I'm not sure if you know this but I am a massive, I repeat, MASSIVE fan of lipstick. A good lippy can completely change up your outfit or even your mood and the hunt to find the perfect lipstick for particular occasions is a fun one (for me at least). For a while I have been looking for a nice natural lipstick that I can wear when I want to have a bit of colour on my lips while it not taking the attention away from the rest of the make up on my face - I've been looking for one that blends in instead of stands out.

This is when the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 08 enters!

It is a lovely natural dusky pink with a hint of mauve and when I describe it to my friends I always say that it's your lip colour but better! It gives your lips an extra va-va-voom! I love that it is versatile as I have worn it both for when I'm out and about during the day and with smokey eyes at night. It has a slight satin finish without it being too shiny which I like as I am not a big fan of shiny lipsticks as I tend to always opt for matte. If you do like it to be a bit shinier putting a layer of lipgloss over the top works wonders.

Since the formula is creamy, smooth and semi-matte it doesn't dry out my lips and although it isn't a moisturising lippy it definitely has staying power. I do wish it would last longer than the couple of hours it does though but that can be hard to find when it comes to natural shades.

Nevertheless, Rimmel's Kate Moss line never fails to dissapoint me and I always find myself coming back for more!! I am now on the hunt for the perfect pinky plum lipstick, wish me luck!


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