Wednesday, 29 January 2014

♡Tattoo Number 2♡

You may not be aware but in July last year I got my first tattoo done on my back (you can read the post here) and just last week I got another one!
Due to the future career that I hope to get I have to be really careful about the placement of the tattoos I have done because it could mean that the places I want to work for won't employ me if they're too visible.
I originally wanted a crescent tattoo just below my elbow crease but since that is way too visible I decided to get it behind my ear, which I think is pretty cute.
I've always wanted to get a moon tattoo and I am so glad I did. The actual tattooing process was so short for this one, as it was about 15 minutes which is really short! Behind the ear doesn't hurt at ALL. Moments after getting this tattoo I got my tragus pierced which hurt a lot more.

For those who don't know the tattoo process, I will tell you briefly about it. What I got was really simple so my tattooist drew it up on the spot. We just made a few alterations to the size of the original drawing before he drew it on transfer paper. He then transferred the design to behind my ear and I had to tell him whether I liked the placement or to change it, luckily I had my friends there with me so they could help tell me whether it was in a good spot or not!
After that was done I lay down and had to hold a part of my ear down so that he could ink over the transferred design that was already there. Once that was done he bandaged it up which I had to leave on for a minimum of four hours. He also gave me a sheet to remind me about the after care of the tattoo.
It has been a week and a half since then and it's already almost completely healed because of its size!
This photo was taken pretty much straight after getting it done as well, it looks fine minus a few red marks from the tattoo gun.
I have got to say that I am really really happy with it!
If you have any questions about tattoos feel free to ask and I will reply on your comment down below.
Do you think you would ever get a tattoo?


  1. Cute tattoo! :)
    Love, Shabana

  2. that tattoo is so cute and dainty! I've always wanted to get a small tattoo, but my mom told me that if I get
    one, she'll rip my skin. Thanks for sharing :3

    xo, Kathleen


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