Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Sorry for the delayed post but I've been fairly busy:

♡ Finishing a major final assignment for uni
♡ Picking up extra shifts for work
♡ Working at an internship I was recently offered
♡ Procrastinating from studying A LOT

I have my final exam next week and after that I will be able to post a LOT more, yay! All that aside, I'm back and there's something that I wrote a little while ago that I wanted to share with you guys! It's something that I believe strongly about too.
Boobs. Breasts. Tits. Mammaries – many women have them, whatever you like to call them and there is an everlasting debate over them, the debate over natural vs. unnatural.
Personally when I think of plastic surgery and breast enhancements I just think “You go for it gurl! As long as it is your own decision, you’re not being pressured into it and it’s not to make anyone else happy but yourself… Heck! If it’s to make someone else happy that’s ok too, as long as you’re not being persuaded by someone else and it is still your own decision at the end of the day!”
I know many people disagree with this opinion, one of them being my mum, but just hear me out for a second. A few weeks ago my mum and I were watching Big Brother (don’t judge me, I’m a people watcher, I find them interesting) and one of the female intruders once had an operation to have her boobs enlarged a couple of sizes. When the contestants were discussing it my mum said, “Hang on, is she meant to be the smart one?”
‘Yeah, she’s the lawyer,” I replied.
“Well she’s not very smart if she did that then!”
I paused for a second after hearing this. Did my mother, the strong feminist, hardworking, intelligent, kind, compassionate and beautiful woman just say that?
“Mum, just because she got a boob job doesn’t mean she isn’t smart.”
I was shocked to hear that come from her mouth, one of my earliest memories was her teaching me about feminism and gender equality at the tender age of four.
“She’s simply morphing into the unrealistic standards of women’s bodies that society and men have. She’s feeding the problem!”
I mulled her words over for a bit and realised that we both have grown up in completely different eras of feminism. My mother was a young woman in the 70s, when many women said “Screw you!” to the patriarchy and refused to conform to the norm as they did not shave and burnt their bras. This was in comparison to me, who as a feminist and as a human being believes that women should be able to do whatever they want as long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone else. I believe that this new wave of feminists mainly hold the idea that women can do what they want when they want. There are already enough people in the world policing our bodies, us as women don’t need to be doing it as well. We need to stick together and be supportive of one another, whatever our decisions may be, even if we don’t agree with them.
The world is changing and our views need to change along with it. Although I understand what my mum meant and where she was coming from, I didn’t agree with it. Our discussion just showed our differences in regards to feminism. People are already not accepting enough of others as it is, we should not be adding to the problem.

No matter what shape or size we are or how we identify ourselves, no matter what our skin colour is or no matter what our appearance may be, we all deserve to be treated as equals, fake boobs or no fake boobs.
I am interested in what you think on this topic too guys! Do you disagree/agree? Why or why not?
Next post we will be back with regular programming. I have a few posts in the works too for you guys to look forward to such as a Mac lipstick review, a post about slut shaming, a review for a bracelet from Etsy and a post on why I chose to go Vegan, just to name a few.
I hope you're all well!


  1. I can totally identify with his post


  2. I think the society pressures you to have bigger boobs and that's a problem, if you think you have to change because of the others. but if a girl feels really bad about her image, well in that case, I think she should go for it!
    personally, i'm very happy with my small boobies, like them natural! <3


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